mis·an·ther·a·py (n.) — therapy for misanthropes

I'm just, ya know, trying to stop hating mankind so much.

Anyway, I'm Cat, a 22-year-old weirdo with a taste for absurdity. My dream is to make fun of myself for a living and to become Beyonce. In the meantime, I'm trying to increase my smarts at Berkeley as an English major and an arts writer for the school newspaper. But my smarts only seem to go to my ass.

I mostly reblog stuff, but I'll occasionally link to articles I've written.

If you like posts involving nostalgia, indie music, cats, Pokemon, anime, smoking, feminism, androgyny, existentialism, rain, kitsch, inappropriate jokes, aesthetic theory, and/or hot men, you're in the right place. Otherwise, GIT OUT!


#stella! with #michaelianblack, #michaelshowalter, and #davidwain, the hunks! (at Mezzanine)

#stella! with #michaelianblack, #michaelshowalter, and #davidwain, the hunks! (at Mezzanine)

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